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Sylvesterthekat 2 days ago

Texas Brisket Plate

As always the brisket was sublime. Even though it was take out, the quality was as good as ever. Hubby had the baby back ribs and they were also great. Highly recommend these items in particular if you have a hankering for BBQ. We'll be back!

Leahweil818 6 days ago

Santa Maria Beef Ribs*

Life. Changing. What the French toast. I've never been the same. I earn for the day we meet again

Sarah 8 days ago

The Evanator

We have been coming to Boneyard Bistro for 5+ years, frequenting for date nights or birthday celebrations. The BBQ is melt-in-your-mouth good. Some of our favorites have always included the bacon building blocks, pulled pork sandwich, tri tip and of course, the incredible fried mac & cheese. Since we are living in a new normal now, with restaurants being closed, we have made a concerted effort to identify the restaurants we want to support during this changing business climate. So far, we have ordered delivery from Boneyard several times already, and the most recent, last night, we ordered The Evanator platter. This comes with a large selection of their incredibly tender and flavorful smoked meats (chicken, brisket & ribs) and includes a side of beans, coleslaw and fried mac. The portions were incredible and we savored every last bite. It's times like these that we are grateful for our local restaurants who are changing their business model to accommodate the customers and making their food readily available to all of us from home. Also, they have the best Old Fashioned, and we are so excited that they are also available to us via delivery. Can't wait to visit Boneyard again, and can't recommend them enough!

Lbarnes2674 10 days ago

"The Wedge" Iceberg Salad

This is the best wedge salad in town. Everything about it is perfect from the amazing pickled onions to the generous blue cheese. The dressing is sublime. Get this now. Love this place.

Jamesonenglish 18 days ago

3 Way Combo

Best BBQ in the Valley! Hands down! Everything we've gotten is out of this world and can taste the pride they have in their work.

Skrbraves 25 days ago

The Evanator

This is some of the best BBQ I have ever had in my life, and I use to live in the south east. My friends and I have made it a yearly tradition to come and get the Evanator, it says for 2 to 4 people, and it is plenty for that amount, I cant remember a time we haven't gone home without leftovers, which just makes the experience last a little longer (this is going to sound like a slight, but its not, when they put it down, every time I think "is this going to be enough?", and it 100% is). Highly suggest you get a group and split one of the platters so you can get a taste of everything (I am absolutely a beef and pork guy, but I am shocked every time how good the chicken is). Ive also gone a couple of times ordering as an individual and have yet to be disappointed with my choice, if it looks good on the menu, its going to taste good on the plate. Can not recommend this place enough, its pricey but worth it for a special night out.

Angrytiger about 1 month ago

Crispy Brussels Sprouts

Crispy, crunchy, and bursting with flavor! These perfectly charred, savory brussels sprouts are a delicious starter that you'll regret not ordering a whole portion of for yourself. Topped with a delicious quenelle of buratta cheese, these are brussels sprouts that you'll want to start eating and never stop.

Song00 about 2 months ago

Banana Puddin' Brulee

I love southern banana puddings and this is the best one I've ever had. The waiter recommended it - said it was a best seller - and I was blown away. It has a thick and creamy custard texture with caramelized bananas on top - we scrape up every last bit. I would come here just for this dessert alone!

Sam about 2 months ago

Santa Maria Beef Ribs*

HOLY SH*T!...These are the Tastiest, Juiciest, Meatiest ribs around. I'm salivating by just writing this review and thinking about them. Hope to have you again soon Santa Maria Beef Ribs!

Skylermjohnson 2 months ago

1/2 Chicken + 1/4# Meat Combo

This plate was some of the best BBQ I've had around Studio City/ Sherman Oaks. The meat was all cooked well and seasoned perfectly. Perfect plate to try a variety of the meat. The side of onion rings was great and crispy as well. I would definitely recommend to friends and family.

Michaelfranke3 3 months ago

Boneyard Original Baby Back Ribs

The best BBQ in LA! Trust me, I've tried all of them. The food is phenomenal and the space has a great atmosphere. I highly recommend going if you're craving amazing BBQ and drinks!

Yasyaszaf 3 months ago

Crispy Brussels Sprouts

One of the most delectable concoctions of Brussels Sprouts I've ever tasted! Perfectly roasted .. crunchy on the outside and mouthwatering Taste once you take a bite .. just perfect! 🙌

Deemargolis 4 months ago

1/2 Chicken + Sm. Rib Combo

OMG this place is SOOOOO GOOD. This is our go to for BBQ in California. The meats are smoked to perfection and always great. The sides are beyond great. The Cole Slaw has dill that really gives it a kick. The Collard Greens are the best! Don't even get me started on the fantastic Baked Beans! Just enough sweetness to take it to the next level. Eat here! You will be happy you did!

Zaccasler 4 months ago

Boneyard's Famous House Cured & Double Hickory Smoked "Bacon Building Blocks"

I cannot say enough about the culinary wonder that is the Bacon Building Blocks. My mouth was not ready for the smokey, savory goodness, that was packed into these little square marvels. This will always be a go-to, any time I stop by the Boneyard.

Scottmac 5 months ago

Santa Maria Beef Ribs*

I have disliked beef ribs my entire life. They were either too dry or too fatty. So I wasn't excited about trying them at Boneyard Bistro at my friend's suggestion. But he swore by them. We ordered them and I have to note that they didn't even look like ribs - it looked more like a rib-eye! So much meat on the bone. One bite and I was hooked - I couldn't believe how good they were. Literally like expensive steaks on a bone - with the perfect flavoring and marbling. I almost cancelled the rest of my order and doubled up on the beef ribs. Instead, I came back two weeks later because I couldn't believe how good they were - and I had to see if they could do a repeat performance. They absolutely did. I literally dream about these ribs. I think I need to come tonight!! #formerbabybackguy

Troy 5 months ago

BBQ Nachos

By far the Best Nachos one can get! Best of both worlds! Amazing BBQ with a Mexican Flair! Great for sharing with a few Beers or I also recommend being selfish- and finishing a plate on your own! Still, with a few Beers.

Jenniferhatton 5 months ago

BBQ Quesadilla Con Ensalada

I live around the corner and have been a customer from the start. I've sampled many items from the menu, but the one I return to over and over is the BBQ quesadilla - it's delicious. The happy hour food choices are great, as are the draft beer choices. The Moscow Mule is pretty great too, served in a copper mug, as it should be.

Pmaubrey 6 months ago

1/2 Chicken + 1/4# Meat Combo

I love this dish! So much delicious meat. And their sides are great.

Stashkonig 7 months ago

Brisket/Tri Tip Sandwich

This is quite possibly the best brisket sandwich I have ever had. Cooked to perfection every time I go. The smoked chipotle buffalo wings are also incredible!

Jessyca 7 months ago

Baja Fish Tacos

Freaking delicious food and drinks! My go to place whenever I'm out and about on Ventura!

Kvpsummer 6 days ago

Bourbon Peach Cobbler

So delicious! Worth the trip every time.

Jakerg3109 7 days ago

Banana Puddin' Brulee

Seriously one of my all time favorite desserts. I'm a pretty big fan of creme brulees and this one is definitely one of the better ones that I've had. The banana really adds a unique take on a dessert that's good but rarely a source of innovation.

Mnfishelman 10 days ago

Santa Maria Beef Ribs*

Probably the best beef ribs I have ever had in my life. Even though there isn't a dish that i haven't loved ..the beef ribs Take the cake for me. Every time I come in I have to order at-least one order of the ribs. They are perfectly seasoned and cooked. It's the perfect amount of meat per bone.So much flavor, will always highly recommend the

Jbrooks242 13 days ago

1/2 Fried Chicken - MONDAYS ONLY

Fried Chicken Monday's are a must! You honestly can't go wrong with any of the food or drinks here...the staff is top notch! Try the Mai Tai, you'll thank me.

Steverosolio 24 days ago

The Evanator

This is my favorite platter at my favorite restaurant. This is what I get for my birthday every year.

Dmillerparker about 1 month ago

Honey BBQ Glazed Scottish Salmon

I love seafood. I had the salmon for lunch today (Feb 28) and I was far from disappointed. It's on a par with the way I've been eating (and I've been eating WELL). Excellent fish, flaky and succulent, with a terrific avocado remoulade. Any combination of corn and black beans works for me, and the fried onion haystack was [erfection with all the other components of the dish.

Savaness1 about 1 month ago

All 3 Ribs

We regularly keep Boneyard Bistro in our pocket when we want to take friends and family out for a tasty rib bbq meal! We've had all their ribs multiple times and they always come out fantastic! The choice of rubs and spices are great for all tastes. We love to get the Mac&cheese balls too! Always coming back for ribs here!

Fx about 2 months ago

1/2 Chicken + 1/4# Meat Combo

I usually go for tri-tip or the not lean brisket. Both are top notch. It becomes more difficult when deciding on which side dish. They're all good but I recommend the mac & cheese, the coleslaw and the beans. Go ahead and order an extra side or two, just because. The chicken is tender, juicy and smoky delicious. A very satisfying meal just add beer or wine. And probably a cocktail before hand, but that's just me.

Ctdfalconer about 2 months ago

Southwest Patty Melt*

I've been coming to Boneyard since it opened and it never disappoints. BBQ may seem like a downmarket concept but here it is elevated to high art, and the seasonal specials are always interesting. The tap row and bar program are as good as anywhere.

Miguelperales 2 months ago

Santa Maria Beef Ribs*

Best beef ribs in LA! period proof me wrong I'll wait. Pair them with one of their amazing whiskey cocktails and you'll have found happiness! (pro tip - always ask for the beans they are simply delicious)

Paradisefrench 3 months ago

Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich

This sandwich was fantastic, and exactly what I wanted - a "fancy" version of the classic Nashville hot chicken sandwich - made perfect by Boneyard's ALWAYS perfect and second to none coleslaw.

Michael 4 months ago

"Burn In Hell" Burger*

I can never tell people if something is spicy or not, this burger is so delicious and the spices are so on point I ask for extra habanero aioli to dip every bite in it and my fries, but I have been with someone in a group that literally took 2 hours to finish it because it was too hot for them. One of my favorite aiolis ever.

Novic102 4 months ago

3 Way Combo

The 3 Way Combo is the only way to go when at Boneyard Bistro! My family and i have been dining here since they opened and cant stop coming back for their superior BBQ. While their meats are great, everyone knows that the 3 Way Combo isn't complete without the coleslaw and fried mac n cheese! Just writing this makes me want to come down to the restaurant and crush a plate right now... be right back...

Thegrafmans 4 months ago

"Burger... Nuff Said"


Jonathan 5 months ago

2 Tacotinis

A great appetizer while drinking an amazing stout. I have a more in-depth yelp review but I also have to say that bar service is outstanding.

Darlene 5 months ago

"3 Amigos"

I actually had the deviled eggs and I had been dying to try the beef ribs but they were out so they suggested the brisket W/Potato salad and I was in an egg, beef and potato high, of the best kind that is. I immediately had to mention my visit on my IG because it had been so long since I found me a go to eatery in the Valley that I enjoyed to a finger licking degree. The $6 margarita was icing on my Boneyard cake, I can't wait to come back. Peace and good food blessings, Darlene OG Ortiz

Biancamacaluso 6 months ago

Pulled Pork/Chicken Sandwich

The pulled pork was smoked to perfection and the slaw complimented the sandwich well!

Baddrost 6 months ago

"Burn In Hell" Burger*

Omg, this is the perfect Burger. I often travel from place to place looking for a burger that has a kick but not just loaded with jalapenos. I mean taste and spice. That sums up the Boneyard it has both Taste and Spice not just in food but in atmosphere and their friendliness and dont get me started on the beer selection

S 7 months ago

Pulled Pork/Chicken Sandwich

The bbq sauce was excellent, and the pork melts in your mouth. It's a juicy delight!

Geena 7 months ago

Texas Brisket Plate

Had a perfect birthday dinner here last night! The server was super kind helping us navigate the menu for our first time! The brisket & tri Tip was amazing, wishing we had tried this place a long time ago!


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