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Paradisefrench 26 days ago

Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich

This sandwich was fantastic, and exactly what I wanted - a "fancy" version of the classic Nashville hot chicken sandwich - made perfect by Boneyard's ALWAYS perfect and second to none coleslaw.

Michael about 1 month ago

"Burn In Hell" Burger*

I can never tell people if something is spicy or not, this burger is so delicious and the spices are so on point I ask for extra habanero aioli to dip every bite in it and my fries, but I have been with someone in a group that literally took 2 hours to finish it because it was too hot for them. One of my favorite aiolis ever.

Novic102 about 1 month ago

3 Way Combo

The 3 Way Combo is the only way to go when at Boneyard Bistro! My family and i have been dining here since they opened and cant stop coming back for their superior BBQ. While their meats are great, everyone knows that the 3 Way Combo isn't complete without the coleslaw and fried mac n cheese! Just writing this makes me want to come down to the restaurant and crush a plate right now... be right back...

Thegrafmans 2 months ago

"Burger... Nuff Said"


Jonathan 2 months ago

2 Tacotinis

A great appetizer while drinking an amazing stout. I have a more in-depth yelp review but I also have to say that bar service is outstanding.

Darlene 3 months ago

"3 Amigos"

I actually had the deviled eggs and I had been dying to try the beef ribs but they were out so they suggested the brisket W/Potato salad and I was in an egg, beef and potato high, of the best kind that is. I immediately had to mention my visit on my IG because it had been so long since I found me a go to eatery in the Valley that I enjoyed to a finger licking degree. The $6 margarita was icing on my Boneyard cake, I can't wait to come back. Peace and good food blessings, Darlene OG Ortiz

Biancamacaluso 3 months ago

Pulled Pork/Chicken Sandwich

The pulled pork was smoked to perfection and the slaw complimented the sandwich well!

Dmillerparker 4 months ago

Louisiana Catfish PoBoy

Great fish, sneaky hot, and a dish I could order every time I came in. More different PoBoys, please.

Stashkonig 4 months ago

Brisket/Tri Tip Sandwich

This is quite possibly the best brisket sandwich I have ever had. Cooked to perfection every time I go. The smoked chipotle buffalo wings are also incredible!

Jessyca 5 months ago

Baja Fish Tacos

Freaking delicious food and drinks! My go to place whenever I'm out and about on Ventura!

Evharris425 5 months ago

"Burger... Nuff Said"

This place is the best!! Drinks & bbq. A must visit when your on Ventura Blvd. Also I love the bar top. Great ambiance

Guest 5 months ago

Southwest Patty Melt*

This is so good that I never bring myself to order anything else. What makes this dish are the crazy good dipping sauces.

Jenny 5 months ago

Texas Brisket Plate

Delicious. That's the only way to describe the Smokey, tangy, zippy flavor. Doesn't even need sauce. But you might as well add a little because that's yummy too.

Imlouisrussell 5 months ago

Sausage Sandwich

This is one of my top five favorite restaurants in Los Angeles. Being exposed to incredible BBQ from Kansas City and St. Louis growing up, I'm not the easiest buyer when it comes to BBQ elsewhere. Boneyard has it all for me. Great BBQ, amazing house sauce (a cornerstone to be sure), friendly staff, and comforting atmosphere. My favorites include the Tri-Tip sandwich (medium), Sausage sandwich, "Burn in Hell" burger, potato salad, fried mac-n-cheese, baked beans, coleslaw, and cornbread. Do yourself a favor and give this place a try. You'll be back before you know it.

Andrea 6 months ago

Santa Maria Beef Ribs*

I mean...i can't...with this. I was raised on Southern cooking by my Mobile Dad. He used to take me to the Ren Faire in the 70s, and my favorite thing was the beef ribs. I'd never found them in L. A. until Boneyard, and now I get to re-live this childhood with my Dad every time I eat beef ribs here. Thanks for that.

Dawn 6 months ago

Boneyard's Famous House Cured & Double Hickory Smoked "Bacon Building Blocks"

Uh, excuse me, how is there no review for this glorious dish yet? We get these quite often when we come in but a better endorsement was how quickly they were eaten at our wedding. I had one guest tell me she ate 5 servings of these during cocktail hour and then started feeling guilty at the 5th. Amazing and addicting!

Dawn 6 months ago

The OMG*

I've been coming to Boneyard Bistro since 2009. The OMG used to be my mother's favorite burger (only used to because she is no longer with us.) Every single time she came to Boneyard with us she got this burger. Before the fois gras ban she also used to add 1 to 2 additions of fois gras! All of this is to say, we've been seeing and getting this burger for many, many years. And, you know what still happens when I get it to this day? Every. Damn. Time. I say OMG when it comes to my table. It's an OMG from presentation to taste. An amazingly delicious burger that everyone should have at least once. For us, it's at least now 20 times.

Terri 6 months ago

Mai Tai

We enjoyed the lousianna seafood boil for four. Amazing!!!! So amazing! Worth every penny. The wait staff was also incredible and kind. Will be back. P.S. kid friendly!

Yasyaszaf 29 days ago

Crispy Brussels Sprouts

One of the most delectable concoctions of Brussels Sprouts I've ever tasted! Perfectly roasted .. crunchy on the outside and mouthwatering Taste once you take a bite .. just perfect! 🙌

Deemargolis about 1 month ago

1/2 Chicken + St. Louis Ribs Combo

OMG this place is SOOOOO GOOD. This is our go to for BBQ in California. The meats are smoked to perfection and always great. The sides are beyond great. The Cole Slaw has dill that really gives it a kick. The Collard Greens are the best! Don't even get me started on the fantastic Baked Beans! Just enough sweetness to take it to the next level. Eat here! You will be happy you did!

Zaccasler about 2 months ago

Boneyard's Famous House Cured & Double Hickory Smoked "Bacon Building Blocks"

I cannot say enough about the culinary wonder that is the Bacon Building Blocks. My mouth was not ready for the smokey, savory goodness, that was packed into these little square marvels. This will always be a go-to, any time I stop by the Boneyard.

Scottmac 2 months ago

Santa Maria Beef Ribs*

I have disliked beef ribs my entire life. They were either too dry or too fatty. So I wasn't excited about trying them at Boneyard Bistro at my friend's suggestion. But he swore by them. We ordered them and I have to note that they didn't even look like ribs - it looked more like a rib-eye! So much meat on the bone. One bite and I was hooked - I couldn't believe how good they were. Literally like expensive steaks on a bone - with the perfect flavoring and marbling. I almost cancelled the rest of my order and doubled up on the beef ribs. Instead, I came back two weeks later because I couldn't believe how good they were - and I had to see if they could do a repeat performance. They absolutely did. I literally dream about these ribs. I think I need to come tonight!! #formerbabybackguy

Troy 3 months ago

BBQ Nachos

By far the Best Nachos one can get! Best of both worlds! Amazing BBQ with a Mexican Flair! Great for sharing with a few Beers or I also recommend being selfish- and finishing a plate on your own! Still, with a few Beers.

Jenniferhatton 3 months ago

BBQ Quesadilla Con Ensalada

I live around the corner and have been a customer from the start. I've sampled many items from the menu, but the one I return to over and over is the BBQ quesadilla - it's delicious. The happy hour food choices are great, as are the draft beer choices. The Moscow Mule is pretty great too, served in a copper mug, as it should be.

Pmaubrey 3 months ago

1/2 Chicken + 1/4# Meat Combo

I love this dish! So much delicious meat. And their sides are great.

Baddrost 4 months ago

"Burn In Hell" Burger*

Omg, this is the perfect Burger. I often travel from place to place looking for a burger that has a kick but not just loaded with jalapenos. I mean taste and spice. That sums up the Boneyard it has both Taste and Spice not just in food but in atmosphere and their friendliness and dont get me started on the beer selection

S 4 months ago

Pulled Pork/Chicken Sandwich

The bbq sauce was excellent, and the pork melts in your mouth. It's a juicy delight!

Geena 5 months ago

Texas Brisket Plate

Had a perfect birthday dinner here last night! The server was super kind helping us navigate the menu for our first time! The brisket & tri Tip was amazing, wishing we had tried this place a long time ago!

Thestujames 5 months ago

Texas Brisket Plate

OMG LOL KRAY KRAY #SMILEYFACE! Frickin melt in your mouth brisket! Must order the larger portion! Small just isn't enough. Best frickin brisket I've ever had. Coleslaw was very good 2

Kiranrm 5 months ago

Voodoo Creole Catfish Tacos

The most scrumptious and perfectly cooked fish tacos I have ever had!! Definitely coming back for those

Amanda 5 months ago

Pulled Pork/Chicken Sandwich

My go to order (with either potato salad or fried Mac n cheese)! Grew up around great BBQ restaurants but Boneyard takes the cake. Best BBQ in LA!

Visualartbyash 5 months ago

Caribbean Mahi Mahi Tacos

Put ya lighters upppp! Bomb! Love the flavor and if I close my eyes I'm on an island enjoying a nice authentic meal. Thank you for the experience in my mouth!!

Katelynpigoni 6 months ago

Boneyard's Famous House Cured & Double Hickory Smoked "Bacon Building Blocks"

I had the Dine LA menu and it was fantastic! Also love their choices of beers, I'm from Northern California and it's very hard to find Pliny the Elder in LA so I was thrilled when I found it here.

Dawn 6 months ago

Sausage Plate

I love the sausage at boneyard. I typically get ribs and then add on sausage to the side. If someone else gets the sausage then I have theirs too. This stuff is damn tasty.

Trylite747 6 months ago

Pulled Pork Plate

This is the most delicious pulled pork! I get it every time I go. The pulled chicken and brisket is equally delicious as well. The sides are all amazing. I always bring visitors here too because I know they will love it. And you never know what celebrity you might see as well! I've seen a few there ;)


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