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Andreah 28 4 days ago

Boneyard Original Baby Back Ribs

My husband ordered the ribs and pulled pork. I don't eat a lot of meat but I had to try this and OMG. Sooooo tender, so flavorful, cooked absolutely perfect. Huge fan of this place.

Andreah 28 4 days ago

BBQ Shrimp Plate

I LOVE shrimp and this dish is so delicious! Very flavorful and the shrimps are large! One of my favorite dishes to get here!

Rounin009 5 days ago

"Burger... Nuff Said"

This is one of my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles. Ive been eating here for years and recently moved into the neighborhood. This is one of my regular spots. They have a great array of whiskey and burbons (which are my drinks of choice).and the food is always on point. I recently had the bbq shirt rib and honestly I think that might be the best piece of meat I've ever eaten. It was so tender and juicy. Also the Monday night fried chicken special is not to be missed. You can never go wrong by going to the boneyard.

Alexanderjtempel 17 days ago

BBQ Brisket Grilled Cheese

This is my FAVORITE bbq spot in Los Angeles. You could try something you've never heard of before and LOVE it. I chose the brisket grilled cheese because I love cheese and the brisket is a perfect complement. I bring my mom who visits from the Midwest here every time she comes out and she can't get enough! 5 stars, and on the point of every star is a smaller star, on and on and on.

Jen.Dagostino87 17 days ago

Crispy Brussels Sprouts

Difficult to pick a top favorite. The ribs are delicious, the bacon wrapped filet was excellent, but the crispy Brussels Sprouts are a must. They never disappoint, I'm salivating just thinking of the menu at Boneyard Bistro!

Adamfrankrose 19 days ago

"Burn In Hell" Burger*

Spicy but good. This burger definitely has some kick but you will not forget it. Juicy burger with great flavor. This is my go to!

Jonathan.Cane 21 days ago

Tri Tip Plate

I've been around the world in search of the best Q, and I've never had tri tip that comes close to The Boneyard's. First off, the quality of the meat itself is immaculate - as are all of Boneyard's cuts. The flavor is dynamic, nuanced and counterintuitively simple; sweet, smokey, umami, but classic. Delicious. Perfect. 5 stars.

Srg3191 29 days ago

Nashville Hot chicken Sandwich

Being from Nashville, I am always on the hunt for a Nashville style hot chicken sandwich. When I see one on the menu I automatically have to order it. Normally, the contenders do not compare to what Nashville has to offer, but this... this sandwich made me feel right at home. Best hot chicken Ive had since I lived in Music City.

Dena about 1 month ago

1/2 Chicken + St. Louis Ribs Combo

I could comment about so many things on the menu...the deviled eggs...the bacon blocks (my fav), the cole slaw...but the beef ribs are the only ones I'll eat outside of my Dad's. The beef ribs here are awesome...and I get it with chicken (and sometimes double of one...). We've been coming to Boneyard for years and years...the staff is like family...the food's amazing...come for it and stay for the people. d&j

Andrea about 1 month ago

Banan Puddin' Brulee

This is hands down THE BEST dessert on the menu! I've had friends who don't even like bananas try it and love it! Definitely the best banana pudding I've had (including ones from the south)!

Denise.Annabeth about 1 month ago

3 Way Combo

I've been here many times. And have never left feeling anything less than extremely happy. Without a doubt the best brisket (NOT lean) I have ever eaten. It melts in your mouth like butter. As for ribs, you can't go wrong with either of the pork ribs, St. Louis or babyback. This restaurant should eliminate knives because I don't think I've ever used it. The meat falls right off the bone. As for sides, the best coleslaw and potato side EVER. The coleslaw is not drenched in mayo and extremely tasty. The potato has the perfect amount of the tangy mustard flavor. I'm drooling just writing this review. Well now I know where I'm going for dinner tonight!!! Best BBQ restaurant ever. A must try.

Andreah 28 4 days ago

Southern Fried Chicken Caesar

Soooo flipping good. I actually split this salad and was bummed I didn't save the whole thing for myself. A must again here!

Andreah 28 4 days ago

Crispy Brussels Sprouts

These are unbelievable! I swear I could eat like 3 orders of them!

Stepaniedorris 5 days ago

Brisket Plate

First off: I'm from the South. I moved to California recently looking for something remotely decent BBQ-wise, and while I'd never betray my loyalty to home... This brisket plate will definitely become my substitute. Yummy, tender, and an excellent size.

Dodgerdave.Borok 17 days ago

Boneyard Original Baby Back Ribs

I absolutely love this place. I have yet to try something that I didn't like, and their special occasion menus are consistently terrific. I'll usually judge a BBQ place by their Baby Back Ribs, which is my favorite thing on Boneyard's menu. They have a great flavor and the sauce is delicious. Great, now I'm hungry.

Jonathan.Talkington 17 days ago

Brisket Plate

Boneyard Bistro along the Blvd in by far my favorite spot. The BBQ, beers, and atmosphere are all amazing, and the staff is extremely welcoming and friendly. Being from Texas, I'm a huge fan of anything BBQ. The brisket plate with a side of potato salad and baked bbq beans is a must try. The fatty brisket falls apart and the bark on the outside is smokey and flavorful. Pair this with a Pliny and your day is complete.

Mhucker28 19 days ago

Boneyard Original Baby Back Ribs

Some of the absolute best ribs I have ever had. This place has been a valley staple of ours for years now and we love everything about Boneyard Bistro from the food to the craft beer to the specialty cocktails. Can't wait to go back.

Sreynolds0912 27 days ago

Crispy Brussels Sprouts

This is my favorite appetizer and I order it everytime I'm there! They are perfectly crispy and so delicious with the burrata cheese on top. I order brussel sprouts at every restaurant that has them on the menu but I haven't found any that compare to these!

Angelvally 29 days ago

Nashville Hot chicken Sandwich

I had read an article in Dine LA about the Nashville chicken, so I was very excited to get to order it last night. Deeeeeslicious and nice and hot and crispy as you would expect. I was not disappointed and it was worth the wait, since you can only get it on Mondays. I'll be back for it again, and again, and again!

Dmillerparker about 1 month ago

Hickory Smokin' Deviled Eggs

The best deviled eggs EVER. Exactly the right consistency, the whipped yolks are the epitome of comfort food and the slice of bacon on top just sends the dish into another dimension. I've had them for lunch too, and they're one of the menu items I could order every time if the rest of the menu wasn't as wonderful as it is.

Jess about 1 month ago

Boneyard Original Baby Back Ribs

If I were on death 💀 row and could pick my last meal or could only eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be Boneyards rack of baby back ribs with a side of collard greens.

Peacefulcooking about 1 month ago

Crispy Brussels Sprouts

Let me start off by saying....I'm not [typically] a Brussels Sprouts fan. But OMG. These little crispy nuggets, smothered in cheese, are frickin amazing!!! They are embedded in my tastebuds forever ❤️