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S Silvers about 22 hours ago

Pulled Pork/Chicken Sandwich

The bbq sauce was excellent, and the pork melts in your mouth. It's a juicy delight!

Geena.Truman 9 days ago

Texas Brisket Plate

Had a perfect birthday dinner here last night! The server was super kind helping us navigate the menu for our first time! The brisket & tri Tip was amazing, wishing we had tried this place a long time ago!

Thestujames 11 days ago

Texas Brisket Plate

OMG LOL KRAY KRAY #SMILEYFACE! Frickin melt in your mouth brisket! Must order the larger portion! Small just isn't enough. Best frickin brisket I've ever had. Coleslaw was very good 2

Kiranrm 16 days ago

Baja Fish Tacos

The most scrumptious and perfectly cooked fish tacos I have ever had!! Definitely coming back for those

Amanda 20 days ago

Pulled Pork/Chicken Sandwich

My go to order (with either potato salad or fried Mac n cheese)! Grew up around great BBQ restaurants but Boneyard takes the cake. Best BBQ in LA!

Visualartbyash about 1 month ago

Caribbean Mahi Mahi Tacos

Put ya lighters upppp! Bomb! Love the flavor and if I close my eyes I'm on an island enjoying a nice authentic meal. Thank you for the experience in my mouth!!

Katelynpigoni about 1 month ago

Boneyard's Famous House Cured & Double Hickory Smoked "Bacon Building Blocks"

I had the Dine LA menu and it was fantastic! Also love their choices of beers, I'm from Northern California and it's very hard to find Pliny the Elder in LA so I was thrilled when I found it here.

Dawn about 1 month ago

Sausage Plate

I love the sausage at boneyard. I typically get ribs and then add on sausage to the side. If someone else gets the sausage then I have theirs too. This stuff is damn tasty.

Trylite747 about 1 month ago

Pulled Pork Plate

This is the most delicious pulled pork! I get it every time I go. The pulled chicken and brisket is equally delicious as well. The sides are all amazing. I always bring visitors here too because I know they will love it. And you never know what celebrity you might see as well! I've seen a few there ;)

Robertjamestoday about 2 months ago

Boneyard Original Baby Back Ribs

I've dined at this restaurant maybe 8 or 9 times, bringing numerous friends who have all left impressed. My favorite dish is the original baby back ribs, just the right size for sharing, I order them for the table on every visit. The food is delicious and plentiful. Baby back ribs, low carb and gluten free.

Evan.Munro about 2 months ago

Whiskey Sour

Amazing cocktails and amazing whiskey selection!!! If you love whisky this place is a must stop!!!! Wish I would have checked it out earlier!!

Losha.Soriano about 2 months ago

Pulled Chicken Plate

We absolutely love this place! The pulled chicken with the coleslaw on top is pretty amazing. The corn bread is to die for. Everything about this place is great, especially that it's within walking distance to our home. Their beer selection is very extensive and delish. The tri-tip - my husbands favorite is cooked to perfection. This place is great!

Hlemp about 2 months ago

The OMG*

One of the best burgers you will ever have!! Melts in your mouth. You can't put it down, and before you know it it's gone!!

Hlemp about 2 months ago

"Secret Mission" *Wagyu Beef* "Animal Style" Quesarito

We have been coming to Boneyard Bistro for years and I would say that we are frequent flyers. Everyone in my family, ages 7-40 loves the food, but this is one of our favorites. All three of our kids ask to come here whenever they can even though we live more than 30 min away!

Ttlsquare about 2 months ago

Santa Maria Tri Tip Plate

So good! I can't wait to go back and try all the other dishes.

Andreah 28 2 months ago

Southern Fried Chicken Caesar

Soooo flipping good. I actually split this salad and was bummed I didn't save the whole thing for myself. A must again here!

Andreah 28 2 months ago

Crispy Brussels Sprouts

These are unbelievable! I swear I could eat like 3 orders of them!

Stepaniedorris 2 months ago

Texas Brisket Plate

First off: I'm from the South. I moved to California recently looking for something remotely decent BBQ-wise, and while I'd never betray my loyalty to home... This brisket plate will definitely become my substitute. Yummy, tender, and an excellent size.

Dodgerdave.Borok 3 months ago

Boneyard Original Baby Back Ribs

I absolutely love this place. I have yet to try something that I didn't like, and their special occasion menus are consistently terrific. I'll usually judge a BBQ place by their Baby Back Ribs, which is my favorite thing on Boneyard's menu. They have a great flavor and the sauce is delicious. Great, now I'm hungry.

Jonathan.Talkington 3 months ago

Texas Brisket Plate

Boneyard Bistro along the Blvd in by far my favorite spot. The BBQ, beers, and atmosphere are all amazing, and the staff is extremely welcoming and friendly. Being from Texas, I'm a huge fan of anything BBQ. The brisket plate with a side of potato salad and baked bbq beans is a must try. The fatty brisket falls apart and the bark on the outside is smokey and flavorful. Pair this with a Pliny and your day is complete.

Jessyca 7 days ago

Baja Fish Tacos

Freaking delicious food and drinks! My go to place whenever I'm out and about on Ventura!

Evharris425 10 days ago

"Burger... Nuff Said"

This place is the best!! Drinks & bbq. A must visit when your on Ventura Blvd. Also I love the bar top. Great ambiance

Guest 11 days ago

Southwest Patty Melt*

This is so good that I never bring myself to order anything else. What makes this dish are the crazy good dipping sauces.

Jenny.Nyc.2011 20 days ago

Texas Brisket Plate

Delicious. That's the only way to describe the Smokey, tangy, zippy flavor. Doesn't even need sauce. But you might as well add a little because that's yummy too.

Imlouisrussell 22 days ago

Sausage Sandwich

This is one of my top five favorite restaurants in Los Angeles. Being exposed to incredible BBQ from Kansas City and St. Louis growing up, I'm not the easiest buyer when it comes to BBQ elsewhere. Boneyard has it all for me. Great BBQ, amazing house sauce (a cornerstone to be sure), friendly staff, and comforting atmosphere. My favorites include the Tri-Tip sandwich (medium), Sausage sandwich, "Burn in Hell" burger, potato salad, fried mac-n-cheese, baked beans, coleslaw, and cornbread. Do yourself a favor and give this place a try. You'll be back before you know it.

Andrea about 1 month ago

Santa Maria Beef Ribs*

I mean...i can't...with this. I was raised on Southern cooking by my Mobile Dad. He used to take me to the Ren Faire in the 70s, and my favorite thing was the beef ribs. I'd never found them in L. A. until Boneyard, and now I get to re-live this childhood with my Dad every time I eat beef ribs here. Thanks for that.

Dawn about 1 month ago

Boneyard's Famous House Cured & Double Hickory Smoked "Bacon Building Blocks"

Uh, excuse me, how is there no review for this glorious dish yet? We get these quite often when we come in but a better endorsement was how quickly they were eaten at our wedding. I had one guest tell me she ate 5 servings of these during cocktail hour and then started feeling guilty at the 5th. Amazing and addicting!

Dawn about 1 month ago

The OMG*

I've been coming to Boneyard Bistro since 2009. The OMG used to be my mother's favorite burger (only used to because she is no longer with us.) Every single time she came to Boneyard with us she got this burger. Before the fois gras ban she also used to add 1 to 2 additions of fois gras! All of this is to say, we've been seeing and getting this burger for many, many years. And, you know what still happens when I get it to this day? Every. Damn. Time. I say OMG when it comes to my table. It's an OMG from presentation to taste. An amazingly delicious burger that everyone should have at least once. For us, it's at least now 20 times.

Terri about 2 months ago

Mai Tai

We enjoyed the lousianna seafood boil for four. Amazing!!!! So amazing! Worth every penny. The wait staff was also incredible and kind. Will be back. P.S. kid friendly!

Glemp about 2 months ago

"Secret Mission" *Wagyu Beef* "Animal Style" Quesarito

This is one of my favorite dishes at Boneyard Bistro. I first had it on May the 4th Be With You, and have fallen in love with the dish. This dish is totally unforgettable and I highly recommend it.

Griffinym22 about 2 months ago

Texas Brisket Plate

This place has the best smoked brisket I have ever had! I ordered the fatty cut and omg the fat just melts as you bite, you can cut the brisket itself with just a fork. I will be coming back because of their amazing whiskey list and the best brikset in town!

Deenatraina about 2 months ago

Santa Maria Beef Ribs*

My husband and I were craving barbecue so we headed to boneyard bistro. I forgot how good the food is here and will definitely be coming back! The ribs are to die for! Lots of meat and they just fall off the bone. BBQ Flavor is on point too! Every time I took a bite I was like, "Mmmmmm..." I got the side of beans which were also amazing and compliment the ribs perfectly!

Hlemp about 2 months ago

Mai Tai

A legit Mai Tai! Made just like a true Hawaiian Mai Tai!!! An explosion of flavor in your mouth!

Hlemp about 2 months ago

Spring In Peru

A majestic symphony of flavors that are sure to delight. Yet another of Frank's amazing creations.

Andreah 28 2 months ago

Boneyard Original Baby Back Ribs

My husband ordered the ribs and pulled pork. I don't eat a lot of meat but I had to try this and OMG. Sooooo tender, so flavorful, cooked absolutely perfect. Huge fan of this place.

Andreah 28 2 months ago

BBQ Shrimp Plate

I LOVE shrimp and this dish is so delicious! Very flavorful and the shrimps are large! One of my favorite dishes to get here!

Rounin009 2 months ago

"Burger... Nuff Said"

This is one of my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles. Ive been eating here for years and recently moved into the neighborhood. This is one of my regular spots. They have a great array of whiskey and burbons (which are my drinks of choice).and the food is always on point. I recently had the bbq shirt rib and honestly I think that might be the best piece of meat I've ever eaten. It was so tender and juicy. Also the Monday night fried chicken special is not to be missed. You can never go wrong by going to the boneyard.

Alexanderjtempel 3 months ago

BBQ Brisket Grilled Cheese

This is my FAVORITE bbq spot in Los Angeles. You could try something you've never heard of before and LOVE it. I chose the brisket grilled cheese because I love cheese and the brisket is a perfect complement. I bring my mom who visits from the Midwest here every time she comes out and she can't get enough! 5 stars, and on the point of every star is a smaller star, on and on and on.

Jen.Dagostino87 3 months ago

Crispy Brussels Sprouts

Difficult to pick a top favorite. The ribs are delicious, the bacon wrapped filet was excellent, but the crispy Brussels Sprouts are a must. They never disappoint, I'm salivating just thinking of the menu at Boneyard Bistro!


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